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Team building in Dubai and the Changing Global Environment

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Team Building in Dubai and energizing workshops are now becoming almost a mandatory requirement in the modern day corporate world for corporate team building activities in UAE. Today, we are living a fast paced life in an ever evolving and ever changing corporate and economic landscape. Change as we all know is the only constant in this world.

Companies and organizations are undertaking rapid change to keep pace with the global landscape, where innovation, disruption, cost and efficiency are at the forefront while making any and all decisions. Corporate team building organisers in Dubai are being contacted on a regular basis.

Teams are being restructured, staff are being given the golden handshake and sometimes even being let go, not because of a personal vendetta but because of the practicality of business requirements and the numbers game. Personnel across all tiers of the hierarchy are feeling the pressure. While work life balance and happiness seems to be the hottest topic of the times, it is this very balance that seems to be lacking in most people’s lives. A sign of the times we live in.

Within this tumultuous environment there continues the requirement for leadership teams to motivate and lead their existing teams to better and brighter results with high Returns on Investments. How is this possible? There are mixed messages being communicated all the time, staff are wary of the future and mistrust abounds all around. Corporate teambuilding companies in Dubai are looked at for a quick solution.

This is when companies and leadership teams start looking for quick fixes in the form of Team building sessions to fix the situation in a half day or one day session in the midst of a Kick Off Meeting or Conference. Team building can most definitely be used as a quick fix to make a Meeting or Conference memorable. In this case, the Team building can be a purely fun workshop or activity that runs for a couple of hours or more. In Dubai corporate team building activities are essentially team bonding exercises, which to be honest could have been done over a casual evening of drinks and dinner.

However, for longer term Return on Investment and leveraging of the learning from Teambuilding workshops into the work place that allows for teams to work well together, leadership teams and management require a more planned approach where teambuilding is more than merely a lip service or another box of to do’s being checked off. Adequate planning and budget should be allotted to the development of teams. After all, a company is only as good as the results it delivers and “a man is only as good as the company he keeps” (pun intended).

In my next blog I will continue to update my thoughts on teams, teamwork, trust, collaboration and team performance. I will also be focusing on providing you with greater insight and a step by step guideline on how to get your money’s worth from a teambuilding provider while checking off all your to do boxes and getting a successful result that delivers all your team results.

Leading amongst the team building companies in Dubai, UAE team building experts brains at work provide fantastic team building programs for employees, organise innovative team building seminars and team building workshops.

The team at brains at work has provided consultancy to and helped global multinational companies achieve their team building goals, enhance team performance and achieve business growth and success. Contact our team for corporate engagement solutions in Dubai.

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