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Meetings, Conferences, Events in Dubai

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Meetings, Conferences and Event Management companies in Dubai are essential service providers to the business world and an important segment of business life. With the need for a face-to-face group discussion being the perfect forum for managing a team, airing points of view, imparting information and being an important part of the quintessential question on how to engage your employees, says Deen Ashraf, iMagining Director of brains at work, leading meetings and conference specialists in Dubai.

While all communication can also be done efficiently by emails and phone calls, there is nothing quite as effective as doing it in real-time. With that said, as Deen points out, while meetings and conferences are a perfect forum, without careful managing, they can become an ineffective tool.

Meetings can suffer from;

Missing attendees. Exacerbated if you have invitees from off site, missing a key person can throw the whole point of a meeting.

Hijacking from spurious information. Everyone has been in situations where someone at a meeting suddenly raises a brand new issue and after ten minutes of debate it turns out to be completely unnecessary and of no consequence. Result? Pointless meetings are a complete waste of time.

So, while we do need meetings and conferences, we need to stop them from turning into a farce? Obviously strong direction and a formatted agenda are needed. Remember the old adage “no agenda, no meeting”, well it still holds true and it just demonstrates the level of control you need to apply on both your team and your time together to get the most out of them.

The ability to tread past issues that are of no use to you in meetings and focusing only on relevant discussions is one of the best tools available to direct and lead your team. Using this technique alongside a set on minutes will ensure that your meetings have focus and don’t wander off agenda. You might also try;

Stand-ups ! The formal meeting’s little sibling, stand-ups are a great way to get everyone together at some place pertinent to your project so you can discuss some matter in hand. Works best if you have a specific issue that you want to address and don’t want to spend too long doing it. The stand-up offers a semblance of casualness, while addressing relevant issues, and even offers the ability for participants to be more engaged.

Walk-along ! The walk along is an ideal meeting that allows for a casual approach to what might otherwise be a formal meeting with a senior manager or a colleague or even a hard to pin down client. It ensures, that both party is focused on taking minutes and the entire conversation revolves around action steps, both literally and figuratively. The walk-along allows for bonding and is also seen as a chat, allowing for both parties to be less defensive with each other given the close physical proximity while walking along-side. It can be time-bound with a short agenda and most important, it allows both participants of the meeting to stretch their legs and get a little blood circulation going.

Timed meetings ! Put up a timer on your laptop or projector – the Internet is full of them – and let everyone know that the time you’ve allotted is all they’re getting. You can also set up specific slots during the day when internal meetings can be held, allowing for team members to plan their day better.

People naturally keep it simple when they can see a clock ticking down. Meetings should be easy and if you keep control using these simple tactics, they will be, making the rest of your time more profitable.

If you are looking for conference planners in Dubai, brains at work has conference experts dedicated to making your meeting and conference a memorable personal moment for you.

brains at work are meetings, conference and event management professionals in Dubai. For your needs in Dubai and across the globe, contact brains at work.

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