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Team Building in Dubai – Having Original Ideas

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

While team building has specific outcomes, there are many different ways to get there. Many people see team building in Dubai as a set of tasks that have to be handled as a team to get a particular outcome and are almost completely devoid of fun. But team building seminars can teach you – and your team – that you can instruct people in the principles required while ensuring that they have a good time. That means that your trainers might have to think outside the box a little bit to get more thoughtful. Just bear in mind that team building is about making people work together so there are many different strategies that can be used to achieve that, such as;

· Truth and Lies. This can be used as an ice breaker or a major part of the process, but the rules are simple. Each person on the team has to introduce themselves, then tell one fact about themselves and one made up. The rest of the team then have a set time – say two minutes – in which to determine by questioning which one is which. It might not sound much but it is fun and it makes people bond, which is the whole point of team building.

Lego Structure. This problem solving and communications activity requires little more than a couple of sets of Lego or similar blocks. The instructor builds a small sculpture with some of the building blocks and hides it from the teams. The participants should then be divided into small teams of up to 6 people. Each team should be given enough building material so that they can duplicate the structure the instructor has created, including specific size and color included. With the structure placed some distance from the teams, one member from each team can come up to look at the sculpture for as long as they want and try to memorize it before returning to their team and communicating what they have seen. It requires team working and effective communications and is definite fun.

Minefield. This exercise improves team members’ trust, their relationship, and communications. All you need is an open space such as an empty room or hallway in which you will distribute ‘mines’ that are placed haphazardly around the area. The mines can be cones, balls, bottles etc. Team members are paired into teams of two. One team member will be blindfolded and the other can see and talk, but is not allowed to enter the field or touch their partner. The challenge is for the blind-folded person to walk from one side of the field to the other, avoiding the mines by listening to the verbal instructions of their partners. If you start with people from different points, then the instruction to negotiate the minefield will always be different.

These kind of team building workshop ideas are a huge boost to what can be seen as a lacklustre process, and will help your team bond together. Corporate team building just got serious!!

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