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Team Building in Dubai : Indoors or Outdoors

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

#teambuildingindubai is a flexible practice that can take on many guises, and it’s something that is equally effective indoors or out. The art of making people work together and understand their strengths and weaknesses can be based on lots of different scenarios. Obviously some things need to be done outside as they require more than a little room to do them, whereas others are more close focus and can be carried out within a room or two.

Companies running Dubai corporate team building activities are well versed in a whole range of different schemes that will suit your needs. Outdoor activities might include those where members of the team might be pitched against each other, such as:

Go-kart racing. Members of the team race against each other to win a prize. This demonstrates who has the most skill behind a wheel but also teaches concentration and judgement.

Archery. Skill with arrows replaces go-carts as individuals demonstrate ability and aim to get the highest score. Used to promote precision and concentration.

Reverse steer. A specially engineered car with reverse controls has to be driven by a blindfolded driver with team helpers giving directions and advising them what they need to do. Teaches teamwork and trust.

Paintball. Warfare carried out with pneumatic guns that fire small paint filled pellets. Usually done as a team against team exercise, it teaches leadership, strategy, and command following. Simple combat to wipe out the opposite team can be changed for Capture the Flag mode, where each team tries to retrieve a flag from the opposing team’s base camp.

Rocket building. Teams are given the components needed to construct a water-powered rocket, but with the ability to change aerodynamics and weight distribution. The team who gets theirs the furthest wins the contest.

While outdoor pursuits are useful for teaching a number of different skills, room-based activities allow the client to apply more mental aspects to their team building. Plenty of indoor team building games companies in Dubai offer indoor team building games in Dubai, and can help you with such exciting pursuits as:

Construction games. Whether it’s the Eiffel tower or a golf ball catching device, teams are supplied with unlikely components and asked to build certain assemblies against each other and the clock.

Mental games. Based on the premise that certain circumstances have arisen and a solution has to be found, teams are charged with coming up with good solutions. From sinking yachts through getting certain animals and feed across a river without any of them getting eaten or running away to escaping a spreading lava pool with limited resources, mental games help team focus and arrive at solutions quickly.

Whatever the type of training you think your team require, Dubai team event planning companies can help you get the most out of it and grow your teams to make them more responsive and open to new ideas.

Leading amongst the team building companies in Dubai, UAE team building experts brains at work provide fantastic team building programs for employees, organise innovative team building seminars and team building workshops.

The team at brains at work has provided consultancy to and helped companies like Novartis, Philips, Pizza Hut, Shell and many more on how to engage with and how to motivate employees. Contact our team for corporate engagement solutions in Dubai.

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