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Team Building Activities in Dubai

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

For most of us organizing big corporate events can be a challenge. Thinking of new and exciting ideas can be even more of a challenge! That is why this article will cover some ideas for corporate team building activities Dubai has to offer that you can incorporate into your next event or draw some inspiration from for your next team building event.

There are many different activities that can be initiated to make corporate team building activities in Dubai work. These would be at least one ice breaker to get everyone talking and also to make everyone feel comfortable and begin bonding. Another type of activity that is great to include is an activity that revolves around problem solving of some sort. This will encourage out of the box thinking and creativity amongst your employees.

An Ice breaker would be something that requires everyone to get involved. This would be something like "Two truths and a Lie". In this game give the entire team three pieces of paper and ask them to write down two truths and a lie. Then ask each of them to read one out loud and have the rest of the team guess if it's a truth or a lie. Keep going round in a circle until the whole team has read out all three of their truths or lies. There are many variations of this game, instead of having the team members read out their own truths or lies, you could put them all into a hat and hand out three to every person and have the group guess who the truth or lie belongs to and also if it is in fact a truth or a lie. An ice breaker would be at least ten minutes and not more than thirty minutes.

An example of a game that includes problem solving would be something like a group project that requires some sort of building or inventing. This could be anything from designing a dress out of recyclable materials to inventing an item that will solve a common house hold problem like an automated pet feeder. There are way too many examples to cover in this article so my recommendation would be to go to your event planner!

At the end of the day a corporate team building activity can be a lot of fun! So let your imagination run wild and brainstorm some cool and new ideas of your own.

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