How can I share my feedback about the website?

Feedback is our learning & very important to us. Please do send your feedback to contact@brains-atwork.com 

Can you conceptualize, plan, organize and execute projects globally?

Of course.
We have conceptualised, planned and delivered projects in global locations with precision and great success. Our testimonials are proof of the pudding. 

How do your ensure that a project outside of your city is managed perfectly?

Our project leader/s travel to the location of the project during the planning stages, as well as on the dates of the project to ensure all details are in place and there are no surprises. We have executed fabulous projects globally, across Bangkok, Beijing and beyond…..

Can you provide smart & efficient delegate registration services?

Yes. We can manage delegate registration prior to the conference or event, and on site too. This can be done using our own proprietary intelligent software tool - REGISTRE, or via a website that is custom made for the project, as well as, using other online tools depending on the complexity of the data to be collected and collated.


Can you provide creative concepts and strategies?

Yes of course - this is our passion! Our crazy genies conjure up creative & unique concepts. Our strategists ensure business alignment while our techie, operational and logistic geniuses produce & deliver the result. All the content on this website has been conceptualised, designed and developed in-house.



Can you procure hotels globally across different countries?

Yes. We can procure hotels and venues globally for your project. Our strong industry relationships and decades of experience, enable us to research, map and bring to the table solutions that match your needs.


What about creative, printing, production & other collateral and branding requirements?

Every single pixel or media, nut or bolt, is managed by our team. From to creatives to designs, printing to production, installation to tear-down, you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. 

How about logistics, transportation, airport handling, visas etc?

Yes, we do it all. Our breed of talent is weird !! Yes, weird. Would you believe it if we say we are creative, with an engineering mind and an operational approach. If you hear our team repeatedly say the word....check, check, check, check, check - just ignore them. They must be sleep walking as usual.

What about talent management?

Ah talent ! They can be down to earth or high in space - sometimes spaced out ..  quite literally! :) 

But we have our way of tuning our note to theirs and their beat to ours. 

And then, we are all singing and dancing along in tune together – a perfect performance.

Artists of sorts, bands, musicians, trapeze artists, dancers, magicians and models…,
...you name it, our talent will tantalize you! 

What service don't you provide?

We do not provide ‘travel ticketing services’ for delegates and participants. We believe that ‘Change is the only Constant’ and we embrace this theory & reality. 

We therefore let your conference delegates and event participants change their mind as often as they need to, and finalize their travel at their own personal comfort.

This allows us to focus on all the others needles in the haystack.