• Managing Director

    We had fun and most importantly acheived our objectives. The brains at work team did a FANTASTIC JOB !

    Managing Director | Unilever
  • "This is hats off and a round of applause for the entire team from brains at work who were dedicated to make our event a remembrance worth looking back at."

    Director | FMCG
  • “We were extremely satisfied with the services of brains at work in partnering with us in the planning, organizing and managing our events.”

    Managing Director & General Manager | Carrier Middle East Ltd.
  • "Your patience, committment & professional attitude & working with our needs, budgets, tight timelines as well as handling many changes is commendable and highly appreciated."

    Channel Manager | bp Middle East
  • “The event was very much in line with the organizational requirement and helped colleagues to understand the importance of strategic planning, coordination, communication and execution.”

    HR Manager | Pfizer International Corporation
  • Marketing Manager

    The team at brains at work helped me come up with ways of breaking the communication barriers and new ways of how we can acheive as a team. 

    Marketing Manager | Philips
  • Global Marketing Manager

    I was really energised the way the exercises forced the people to think out of the box and come together as a team. 

    Global Marketing Manager | Shell
  • Area Sales Manager

    These exercises helped my team understand the changes I wanted to embed. They took them and applied them in their work areas. I found the MEETINGMECHANICS approach very very effective.

    Area Sales Manager | Shell
  • Manager

    My experience with brains at work was a very fantastic experience. I look forward to have them as my preferred marketing arm.

    Manager | FMCG
  • "We had a successful team building activity in Fujairah for our UAE Cycle Meeting...”

    Head of Sales | Novartis
  • Group HR Manager

    Arnaz & Deen have done a terrific job with our team. They have taken us through serveral exercises, aimed at developing the team.

    Group HR Manager | Paris Gallery
  • “Thank you for your excellent services. Your outstanding organizational skills and eye for detail, and the ability to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressures were duly noted by all and much appreciated...”

    General Manager - Commercial | APM Terminals
  • “The team activity was excellent, unique and very original for the theme of our event. brains at work did an excellent job in working with our committee as one team, being available 24 hours, providing solutions and remained committed to the success of the event…”

    HR | Johnson & Johnson Middle East Inc.
  • “The service provided by brains at work team was excellent.”

    PA to VP & Area Director | Kraft Foods Middle East & Africa FZE
  • "Thank you for your excellence. You will be missed and we honestly wish that we could take you along with us."

    Coordinator - QUIDAM | Cirque Du Soleil
  • “Thank you brains at work for all your efforts in ensuring that the Technology Summit is a success. . . and it was!

    Program Team | FMCG
  • "We found your services extremely reliable and efficient from the planning stages till the closure."

    General Manager | Pizza Hut
  • Director

    "A fantastic team exercise. The messages were very rich and powerful."

    Director | FMCG
  • Manager

    "An amazing way to kick off the meeting and highlight the key areas."

    Manager | FMCG
  • “Our employees’ unanimous thoughts and comments were simply – FANTASTIC!”

    HR Coordinator | Maersk West and Central Asia
  • “Everyone in the group really enjoyed the team building activities that brains at work had organized and it surely was a success!”

    Manager Business Support | Philip Morris International
  • Account Manager

    "Highly informative & energising. Perfectly tailored to our business objectives."

    Account Manager | Shell
  • Manager

    "I would like to thank the whole team for the very creative idea they came with. It helped us a lot and acheived our goals."

    Manager | FMCG
  • Sales Manager

    "The feedback has been very positive. The messages were very clear and impactful."

    Sales Manager | Shell
  • General Manager

    "Every exercise was focussed for our distributors to take back to their markets. A great recommendation for us to continue for future seminars."

    General Manager | Shell
  • Sales Manager

    "It was a good combination of having in-depth discussion on business dynamics as well as a lot of fun. A lot of messages we took from the meeting are being put into place in the current year."

    Sales Manager | Shell
  • Account Manager

    "Feedback has been very positive from all our stake holders. They are going back all charged up and ready to deliver."

    Account Manager | Shell
  • “Our event was meticulously planned & executed with high standards of safety, ethics and professionalism by brains at work. Bp Marine would certainly use their services again. We are pleased to recommend brains at work to any corporate."

    Regional Business Manager | bp Middle East
  • “You have outstanding organisational skills and strong contacts with the hospitality industry, both here as well as internationally which helped us tremendously in our various events. The events were a success." 

    Regional Director | Schering-Plough
  • “The HLG Dubai Conference is a benchmark the group will like to recreate, and your effort played an important part in resounding success of the event."

    Group HR Manager | Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd
  • “bp's entire event in Dubai remained virtually 'seamless' and the one main reason behind this was your professional planning.”

    Manager | bp Middle East
  • “With your industry knowledge and supplier relationships, we held our two successful events at one of the most appropriate venues in Dubai that suits our business partners and at very competitive rates...”

    Office Manager | Costa (MENA) DMCC
  • “…not only did you take our burden on your shoulders but also did the job in a very efficient and professional manner. And all this by keeping in mind our company budgets and requirements.”

    Office Manager | Carrier Middle East Ltd.
  • "With your advice, knowledge, professional service levels, reliability, coordination and rapport with the suppliers, we achieved our desired solution…”

    Regional Administration Manager | Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd
  • “A big thank you to you and your team for all the efforts in putting together the launch event…”

    PR & Marketing Manager | Hyatt Regency Dubai & Galleria
  • “brains at work managed to negotiate with several hotels on our behalf, providing us a range of options to choose from and this made the whole process much less stressful...”

    Executive Assistant | African+Eastern
  • “Your excellent knowledge of good hotel locations in UAE made it possible for us to have a successful Sales Training in Dubai.”

    Administration & Logistics Coordinator | Johnson & Johnson Middle East Inc.
  • “We found your high levels of professional and efficient services very useful to us. The event was a big success...”

    Office Administrator | Imperial Tobacco Int’l Ltd.
  • “The event was very good! The team really enjoyed the activities and above all I liked the link and conclusions drawn for our work styles.”

    Manager | FMCG
  • “I personally found brains at work’s professional advice, ownership, reliability, response time and delivery a great relief. The fact that I could call you anytime and ask for help was a winner. We were extremely satisfied with your services and we will surely come back to you for future groups and events...”

    Office Manager | 3Com Middle East
  • "The conference was a real success as testified by all the attendees, who left with a very nice memory of Dubai.”

    Technologist | FMCG
  • "The event was executed very well with precision & professionalism. The concept incorporated all the elements as per the the breifing such as team work & various management skills. It was great fun". 

    Administration & Events | Yum! Restaurants International
  • “All details were handled with professional and personal attention. The delegates were very impressed with the smooth handling of all arrangements and the conference was a great success...”

    Branch Manager | SABIC Innovative Plastics
  • “Your professional approach, ownership and reliability in delivering enabled us to hand over responsibility to you without any doubt. Both of these events were a success." 

    Executive Assistant | CBI Eastern Anstalt
  • “brains at work worked with us on an agenda for our team event balancing our business priorities and teambuilding objectives of creating a dynamic and inspiring day. The team communication and collaboration has greatly improved.”

    Marketing Director | Philips Consumer Lifestyle
  • “Thank you for the excellent services extended to us in ensuring the success of our meeting.This meeting was crucial for our top delegates form the Middle East.”

    Sr. Marketing Manager | Yum! Restaurants International
  • “We successfully celebrated a significant event for our organization and were able to leave the delegates on an emotional high & motivated them to deliver even greater performances…”

    Director of Operations | KFC & Taco Bell
  • “Well done on the event – it was great!...”

    Operations Manager | Yum! Restaurants International
  • "We do believe a great of success in our Year End Meeting would not have been possible without your genuine committment."

    Branch Manager | SABIC
  • “We were extremely satisfied with the service and support that you provided to us for the event. Your relationships with the suppliers and knowledge in the industry helped by providing us an edge in our negotiations and contracts and helped us in gaining true value for our money…”

    Event Coordinator | Yum! Restaurants International
  • “Everything turned out fine. We really appreciate the time and efforts and prompt reply to all queries and requests...”

    R&D & Quality Assurance | Yum! International Restaurants
  • “The event was very effective. It was very well handled and I am pleased with brains at work for the cooperation and commitment shown…”

    HR | Yum! Restaurants International
  • "Certificate awarded in recognition of the contribution made by brains at work towards the progress of GPCA."

    Secretary General | GPCA
  • Thank you for your outstanding support you provided me and my team.  Your professionalism, kindness, attention to detail, ability to be flexible with our requests was first class in every aspect. It was simply - FANTASTIC !!!"

    Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs | FMCG