Project: Building Bridges

Client Industry: Retail.

Building Bridges

Our client, a leading luxury retailer has stores located in prime retail addresses spanning across the in the Middle East region .With nearly two decades of expertise of keeping customers' interests at its core, the luxury retailer’s opulent shopping environments, innovative retail concepts, service standards and its signature Arabic hospitality practices sees the brand stand out as an unequivocal shopping and gifting destination in the Middle East. Our client approached us to manage a very unique set of circumstances, where the management of the company had realized, that over the year’s of focus on growth and business development, perhaps the human element of the business had been missed and so they wanted to bring together all teams across different departments to work together and celebrate their success.


The primary focus of the teambuilding requirements was to be based on four very key pillars :

1)    Breaking barriers that may exist within a very large and culturally diverse team. Mental and physical barriers across teams and hierarchy levels were to be broken down on and individual and cultural level.

2)    Improving internal communication amongst the team and enabling the team to be able to work with each other with clarity.

3)    Team bonding and celebrating the success of the company was a key criterion to be achieved where every member of the team felt that their individual contributions however big or small was being recognized.

4)    A sense of achievement and accomplishment when working together as a team.

Critical Factors

While doing the needs analysis for this project Yalla Teams was tasked with designing team building activities to achieve the key objectives of our client while keeping in mind the requirement of a bit of challenge and lots of fun for more than a 120 participants.

Essential to our teambuilding solutions was ensuring complete engagement of every single participant in all the activities.

Sensitivities surrounding the fluency of communicating in English given the diverse cultures and levels of all colleagues in the organizational hierarchy had to be kept in mind.

This made our job both of conceptualizing, designing, organizing, managing and facilitating the team building activities all the more challenging.

In addition to this we also had a short timeline to deliver the entire programme.


At Yalla Teams, we worked through the details and aligned with key decision makers in the company to gather as much information on our audience. Our team then set to work on working out exactly which of our products would work most effectively to suit team building involving all participants from the different departments and branches of the company. To overcome the existing barriers amongst them brains at work designed an icebreaker activity that mixed all the participants to form individual teams and have fun while working together. 

This was followed by fun, high energy and competitive group activities that made participants strategize with available resources while working as different teams under one company as a whole.

The last stage was a challenging outdoor activity designed to be completed by all teams working together while each individual teams successfully achieves their own objectives in the process. 


Yalla Teams delivered a result that our client had not anticipated, with every member of this large group realizing the importance of their own individual space within company.

Every member of the team went back charged up and motivated. Our client was jubilant with the excellent feedback from all participants.

Everyone was challenged, and yet they had lots of fun and all objectives were met.


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