Project: We Power

Client Industry: Retail.

We Power

Our client a global multinational and one of the world’s top most sporting goods retailers came to us with a brief that involved working with their entire team across the Gulf & Middle East Region. The primary areas of focus, was get the entire team to be able to work together, effectively and in harmony, while boosting their team morale.


The key objectives required to be accomplished for the success of this team building exercise was to boost the team morale, improve internal communication, strengthen relationships, create a sense of achievement and accomplishment while enabling the whole team to be able to work together in an effective, successful and harmonious manner.

Critical Factors

Yalla Teams was faced with a challenge that required to pull together all our skill-sets and enable the creative juices to flow. The first need was to have an exclusive meeting venue that enabled the team to be brought together at a venue that also separated them from any other distractions, enabling the entire team to focus on the stipulation of coming together as one team.

Workshops and activities had to be designed and customized to deliver the pre-conditions set by our client. All the workshops had to have the elements of high energy and fun while also maintaining a degree of challenge. Critical to the pre-conditions set was that there were 80 delegates in all and every single delegate was meant to be involved in the workshops and activities with an elevated level of engagement. 


Yalla Teams set out to find the perfect venue that was conducive to the needs of our client. The perfect hotel venue was located in the middle of the desert that allowed for an exclusive area for an all morning meeting. Ice-breakers and workshops were tailormade both indoors and outdoors enabling the requirement for fun, high energy, team bonding, engagement, competency focus and challenge.

A variety of resources were used to make the teambuilding highly interactive. The 80 strong force was sent forth to accomplish various challenges which culminated in a breath-taking location just as the sun was setting.



Our client’s expectations were exceeded and were extremely satisfied with the results of the teambuilding undertaken.

The teambuilding was declared a complete success where all objectives set out to be achieved were done in a high energy, fun and challenging manner.


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