Project: Excellence Academy

Client Industry: FMCG.


Our client is the leading international tobacco company, with seven of the world’s top 15 international brands, including the world’s best-selling cigarette brand.

Our client approached brains at work when they were looking at setting up a Training Excellence Academy that was to be used for over 3 months as the venue for a multitude of training programs and activities across multiple hierarchical levels and departments. The idea involved taking a venue and transforming it to suit the distinct specifications for a modern training academy that was visibly conducive to a learning environment.


brains at work was required to 

  • Transform an Arabian inspired Villa into a modern flexible venue for the Commercial Excellence Academy while maintaining the original structures.

  • Manage the facilities and training logistics for the entire duration of the academy.

  • Provide diverse catering based on the nationalities and cultural ethnicity taste palette preferences of the participants.

Critical Factors

There were a number of deliverables that required to be brought together to meet the challenge that brains at work set out to achieve to meet our clients requirements. These included.

  • Completion of the transformation within a limited time frame of only one week just before Ramadan

  • Unique, fun and creative designs for each corner of the Academy with a limited budget

  • Design and transformation of the villas without any damage to the original structures and foundation.


After a series of meetings with our client and the building management, brains at work drew up unique and creative designs balancing an eclectic mix of colour schemes that portrayed fun, relaxed and engaging atmospheres. 

Due to the limited availability of time and a confined budget, creative ingenuity was required and brains at work used a combination of existing furniture, artistic wall décor including wall paper, paintings, murals and furniture accents. 

For fun and interactive breaks before, in-between and after trainings, a food & entertainment corner was created with various sports equipment and colourful décor. Lounges were also created with the colours and designs based each brands’ individual identity. The classroom design and décor focused on a bright and calm nature-inspired environment, which was conducive for learning.

The design, approval and décor work was started and completed within a week. Our solution involved conceptualization, redesigning and setup of the academy facilities, procurement, delivery, setup and removal of furniture and decor based on the approved concepts, coordination and management of all elements and logistics related to the academy an video coverage. brains at work also partnered with various  specialized caterers to allow for gastronomic delicacies that catered to a varied taste palette to be able to serve Lunch, Dinner and Coffee Breaks for each training session.


All objectives that our client set out to achieve were accomplished with honours. Our client, the building management and delegates were happy with the final transformation of the villas, overall management, flexibility and efficiency of the brains at work team. The building management was also extremely happy with the final transformation of the villas and  decided to retain the designs for their next tenants.

The food and facilities management received consistent positive feedback and were even compared to the best cuisine served in luxury 5 star hotels.


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