Project: Employer Branding

Client Industry: FMCG.

Employer Branding

Our client is a global multinational leader of chocolates and has a very strong global brand presence both in the media, as well as, across retail stores worldwide. The company ethos inculcates freethinking and focuses on it’s people. As an extension of this thought, the company places very high value on it’s visibility as an employer of choice. brains at work was asked to step in and help our client make it’s presence felt at a Career Fair in one of the country’s top educational institutions. The exhibition had over 70 local and multinational companies participating and allowed the students and alumni to meet with representatives from the private and public sectors to explore opportunities for full-time employment and internships. 


* To launch the Employer Branding Campaign“Make it Mean More”

* To set-up an eye-catching Exhibition booth stand that would capture and position the client as the TOP EMPLOYER CHOICE for TOP TALENTS at a renowned institution.

* To create increased brand awareness and recognition across the Gulf and Middle East region.

Critical Factors

When brains at work was asked to step in, there were a few areas, that we were already aware of were extremely critical to the success of our project. To begin with, our client has remarkably stringent corporate guidelines for branding.

In addition to this, as we had a short timeline for delivery,and, there wasn’t adequate time available to be able to get the right quality of creative from their corporate office.

This meant that brains at work would have to stretch the limits of it’s creative team and conjure up work which could be quickly approved without having all the right corporate tools in place. The third most critical factor involved was the limited availability of space at the exhibition for the stand itself. However, clearly as brand visibility and impact was important we needed to put on our thinking caps and come up with solutions which would make our client stand out both as a fantastic global brand, and as an employer to be reckoned with.


The conceptualization, designing and production of the Exhibition Booth and unique give-away items was done in a very short space of time with limited resources.

brains at work created unique give-aways utilising the client’s product characters and colours, alongwith, branded chocolate wrapper artworks as designs that were representative of the client’s fun and colourful working environment.

brains at work designed an attention-grabbing exhibit booth display that portrayed and positioned our client as the Top Employer of Choice:

(a) Product logos on lighted boxes showcased the client as a home of World’s Famous Brands; (b) Poster artwork designs featured the outstanding career and development opportunities within the company; (c) Booth curves and open side designs with bright white lights and client brand product coloured bean bags highlighted the company’s working atmosphere and bright career opportunities.


The scope of work involved 3 KEY areas ;

  • Conceptualizing, designing, printing, production, delivery, construction and installation of the Exhibition Booth Stand within a 3mx3m Exhibit Booth (limited space) that would make a great impact during the Career Fair.

  • Conceptualizing, designing, printing and production of give-aways, related collateral and branding items.

  • Logistics, including the coordination and management of all elements related to the event.

A fourth scope of work was thrown into the mix right when the Career Fair was on and this involved the ability to be able to dismantle and re-build  the Exhibition stand.




Our client was pleasantly surprised that even though this requirement was much beyond our agreed scope of work, our team ensured that we adhered to our client’s priorities and successfully got the job done. 

The client was very impressed with the way that the entire project was managed and services delivered by brains at work. In a very short span of time, brains at work was able to successfully, plan , design, develop, produce, execute and deliver results that not only met the deadline, but also provided the quality that helped achieve their goals.

Our client was able to generate leads and was able to reach out to a wide audience including numerous potential employees. Our client also received positive feedback from visitors and attendees as being the “Most Attractive and Most Visited Booth” during the fair. 

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