Project: Franchisee Awards, Beijing

Client Industry: Restaurants.


Our client a global multinational brand and a name to be reckoned with in the restaurants business with over 40,000 restaurants in more than 125 countries and territories, came to us with the requirement of organizing a memorable and spectacular Franchisee Awards function in Beijing, China.

The awards function was to be organized for the Gulf and Middle East region Franchisee’s at an extremely individual and unique venue that would exude the cultural heritage of China, while being able to cater to the distinct needs of the cultural and religious sentiments of the Franchisee’s.


brains at work was to initiate detailed research and analysis keeping the clients disparate options a perquisite

1) An authentic Chinese spectacle in an authentic Chinese venue

2) A completely Chinese flavoured event, to be presented with modern day flair.

3) The Franchisee Awards Evening was to be an unquestionably top-notch event where the Franchisee contributions to the success, profitability and growth of our clients business network was appreciated and recognized.

Critical Factors

Our client had a number of key critical factors that was to be part of the narrative for the delivery of this project in China.

An exclusive 5 star venue was required that would be able to provide an artistically stimulating Chinese spectacle. Accessibility of the venue was to be close to the location of the hotel where the group was accommodated.

Halal food was a high priority given the cultural and religious background of many members of the group.


An antique and hidden away secret was found that matched all needs. Not even many people who live in China or visit Beijing are aware of this tucked away venue.

It is a heritage site with a history that spans over 600 years and houses halls of worship, the living quarters of prominent Buddhist figures, civilian buildings that were constructed after the founding of the People’s Republic of China and slogans rallying the Chinese people during the Cultural Revolution, which has been converted into a hotel.

This hotel is the recipient of an Award of Merit at the UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

The venue being extremely exclusive, is geared up to offer an unforgettable wining and dining experience. Fine dining with deliciously delectable continental cuisine, which was halal for our group, and, the most amazing Europen and new world wine served from a private wine cellar, offered a gastronomical and sensory feast.

Logistics included drive time to the venue, which was within a 20 minute drive from the hotel where the Franchisees were accommodated. Language barriers were minimized with local guides close at hand for communication with all the Franchisees and keeping them occupied during the drive to the venue with anecdotes and trivia on Beijing.

Original sets of Chinese entertainment was part of the Franchisee Awards function and classical souvenirs were very creatively customized and branded and used for trophies that were conferred to the Franchisees during the Award Ceremony.



The Franchisee Awards was a huge success.

All the Franchisees enjoyed themselves and all the activities that right from the build up with the drive to the venue to the joys of discovering a hidden and exclusive venue, the enthralling Chinese entertainment and the culinary delight of the food which multiplied their perception of indulgence in it’s truest sense.


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