Project: Galaxy Dark Chocolate Launch

Client Industry: FMCG.


Our client is a global multinational leader of chocolates and has a very strong global brand presence both in the media, as well as, across retail stores worldwide. The company was due to make a mark in the Gulf & Middle East region with the launch of their very own new dark chocolate brand which required to be revealed in style keeping in mind the highly discerning profiles of dark chocolate consumers.


The primary objectives of the event that was being conducted in the region for the first time was :

* To conceptualize, design, produce and implement an enticingly themed event to launch the new top end dark chocolate brand.

* To bewitch, entertain and enthrall the invitees including the patrons and media at the launch.

Critical Factors

The main challenges that our team confronted while organizing the launch revolved around creating the design and theme while working within the restrictions of the selected venue.

Further, constraints revolved around the limited availability for time for the level of creativity required for the design, concept and implementation required to deliver a very upscale, chic, contemporary and swanky program.

Added to this was the timing of the launch which required very careful and judicious management of the budgetary expenses.


brains at work set about meeting the critical criteria for the launch by working out exquisite creations and décor elements that used the colour and theme of the dark chocolate.

Our  innovative  usage of the fixed features of the 5 star venue together with the extensive utilization of fine effects allowed for the transformation of the venue into a glamorous setting.

The finer subtle touches also allowed for the details to explicitly communicate the launch theme together with unique giveaways that added a touch of class to the event.


The launch of the dark chocolate brand was a declared a bite sizing success. All the objectives were temptingly achieved and our client was deliciously satisfied.

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