Project: Grand Hyatt Launch

Client Industry: Hospitality. Grand Hyatt, Dubai. Re-launch and brand positioning of Ahsee Spa, Al Manzil & The Living Room.


Our client a global hospitality company with widely recognized, industry leading brands and a tradition of innovation developed over more than fifty-year history.

The company manages franchises, owns and develops branded hotels, resorts, residential and vacation ownership properties around the world. The company's worldwide portfolio consisted of over 550 properties.

The brief that was provided to brains at work encompassed a very critical area of operation for a particularly well know brand hotel of the group located in Dubai. We were to help the hotel re-launch a completely new concept unheard or seen in the Dubai market.


The primary objectives that the brains at work team was required to deliver were:

• To successfully launch a multi-event venue

• To create brand awareness of the product.

• To create a new brand position as per the brand’s vision

• To communicate the brand promise

• To communicate product differentiation

Critical Factors

The scope of work for the project included conceptualization, designing, management printing, production, delivery and implementation of all requirements being derived from the objectives set.

Extremely critical was being able to invite the right profile of clientele and to have the right profile of attendees for the launch event, which co-incided with the National Day weekend in the UAE, as well as, the awe inspiring Rugby 7’s event.

Another twist to the requirement was that as it was multi-level venue , part of the launch required a multi-level guest walk through enabling the nuances of the multi-event venue to be revealed in an interesting manner.


After a number of detailed discussions with the hotel management, brains at work designed a customized concept for the launch.

Our team worked in close quarters with the hotel’s team and ensured that every detail of the event from the invites, to the guest list, the timing and manner of guest welcome, the specifics of the walk through experience, the display of cuisine, the eclectic entertainment and the guest interaction during the event and the after party was just perfect.


Our client was very happy with the tremendous success of the event with widespread media coverage.

There was a barrage of bookings and enquiries post the event and the new multi-level multi-event venue was declared a successful launch with the perfect brand positioning.


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