Project: Ship Christening Ceremony

Client Industry: Shipping.


Our client one of the world’s largest shipping companies specializes in transporting automobiles and other rolling cargo with over 4 million cars being transported worldwide.

Our client approached us with the need of christening of a new vessel where the senior officials of the company and business leaders from key partners would be invited to attend.  


brains at work was tasked with the christening of the new vessel, the key objectives for which were:

Organizing of a first class and top-notch naming ceremony in the true spirit of the shipping industry traditions.

High precision logistics management with the port authority.

Organizing a spectacular gala dinner and proving an authentic Arabic flavor to the entire event.

Critical Factors

The main challenges that our team confronted while organizing the launch involved managing of logistics for managing:

* multiple venues,

* managing and handling of the senstivities between the Dubai Ports Authority and the mainland,

* exit and re-entry of the delegates via the port without expiry of their visit visas.

The unpredictable weather conditions with extreme heat and high winds was another critical criteria to be dealt with and managed.

Together will all of this was combined the protocol management for the senior leaders and key partners.


brains at work set about meeting the critical criteria  for the christening of the vessel by ensuring a very close interaction and management of expectations with the Dubai Port Authority for visas and other logistical requirements that was managed with precision and fine attention to detail.

Both the christening ceremony, on sea excursion and gala night was managed simultaneously and the focus was to accord a multi-sensory experience to all the invitees. 


The launch of the new vessel was an outstanding achievement for our client.

The christening ceremony was a resounding success.

All objectives were achieved and our client was completely satisfied.

Most importantly, the 'champagne' did break, and the vessel MORNING CHORUS is blessed and now sails smoothly.

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