Team building companies in Dubai offer expertise and simple advise.

Building teams that work well together given the current market conditions is a challenge that most companies and organizations are facing today. Senior and middle management are expected to deliver annual results and targets while managing costs effectively and ensuring that where possible all extra expenditure is brought down to the minimum. So how is this practically possible when all concerned including management, teams and individuals are being stretched to increase their productivity even as they are impacted by low market demand compounded with low yield.

Given the uncertain market conditions and the pinch that is being felt across all industries and continents, it does seem like a herculean task to keep the morale of the existing team high, even as companies downsize and downgrade staffing or restructure internally.

Most employees in companies are facing high levels of stress which is impacting both their productivity at work, as well as, their personal life. Work life balance is becoming a key issue to be addressed today.

Many managers seem to be trying to do their bit by taking their teams out for teambuilding days or organizing corporate teambuilding activities in UAE. However, it would seem more than a little silly to imagine that a one day tick off on your things to do list of Dubai fun teambuilding will actually find you a long term solution and will work towards building a strong core within the team. 

What could work as a better alternative would be to contact teambuilding companies in Dubai and  conduct teambuilding workshops that are aimed at core issues that impact the working environment and personal landscape for individuals and teams. Teambuilding icebreakers for meetings are great but more importantly, core areas like effective and open communication, the ability to see the bigger picture and others point of view, the ability to respect other cultures, opinions and ideas, facing challenges and persevering in the face of a constantly changing and challenging environment, etc are crucial to the smooth functioning of a company and being known as a Great Place to Work!

Team building companies in Dubai offer expertise and simple advise.

Regularly addressing core issues on a bi-weekly or monthly basis enables all individuals on the team to be on the same wave length and over a period of time actually helps in creating a strong foundation and a very healthy work environment that allows for a better and more effective and efficient team, along with greater work-life balance.

Core issues can be addressed by organizing teambuilding workshops within the office, thus saving on external costs of a hotel and wastage due to travel time. Workshops that are not longer than an hour or at best two hours allows the team to look forward to a mental break from work, even as there is a very powerful learning that is imbibed by all in the team.

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