How to find great event organizers in Dubai?

Being the chosen one in your company to organize a large or small event for the company requires you to be resourceful. There are many steps involved in the process, but perhaps the most important step of all is sifting through the list of all event organizers in Dubai and reaching out to meet all the event planners in Dubai, before coming to a final decision on who will be the perfect solution to manage all your requirements in a professional manner while being flexible too.

 The method of reaching out to all the event organizers in Dubai involves the following:

1)    Send out a request for proposal or an RFP to a list of event planners in Dubai. The more detailed your document is the better.  Think of all the possible requirements that you may have for your event and list out all the deliverables. This is a most required document and is key to planning a successful event.

2)    Try and engage all the stakeholders and decision makers involved in reviewing the draft of the RFP. The easiest way to do it would be to circulate it via an email to all concerned. Then you can follow it up with a meeting where all stakeholders come in and clear the RFP. A well drafted RFP will reduce the stress on you in the decision making process and will also help you in being sure of what are the must haves and nice to haves in keeping with the key objectives of the event.

3)    Many a time when the RFP is not cleared by all stakeholders the proposals that are received do not match the requirements and expectations of the key decision makers and the time taken on actually hiring the most suited event planners in Dubai could be a long and frustrating process for you.

4)    Once the RFP is approved, send out an email invite to all the event organizers in Dubai with a suitable deadline for receiving the initial proposal or interest in applying for the event.

5)    Next, set up an initial meeting to clarify the RFP details and to ascertain complete understanding of your needs and deliverables by the event organizers in Dubai.

6)    Next set up a meeting with the event planners in Dubai to review the proposals are received for it’s review with all stakeholders. This is best done in a face to face group meeting.

7)    After short listing the best proposals, set up a second meeting if required for greater clarity on deliverables and fine tuning of your needs.

8)    You are now ready to finalise your event management company in Dubai.

How to find great event organizers in Dubai? 

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