Building a More Loyal Team in 2016

Having a loyal team in itself can be hugely beneficial to your business, from the company culture to your long-term success. However, fostering and growing more loyal team members effectively requires focus, strong leadership, and swift action. A statistic report released by Gallup Research states that only 35% of managers in the United States are engaged in their jobs, while 14% are actively disengaged.

Building a More Loyal Team in 2016Company support is the most essential part in team building and developing good teamwork in the office place. After all, it’s the business that benefits the most from happy and determined workers.

Even field-based companies present good teamwork and company support, as employees need to guarantee that their employers are able to look after their safety at all costs. In the Middle East, some companies have been praised for achieving two million man hours without injury or lost time due to accidents.


One of the companies that achieved such an accolade and has projects in Iraq, Basra, and Dubai, said that they have established strong relationships with local companies and their employees by complying with their ethics, security measures, as well as managing potential risks.

Secondly, Training should be more than just the odd HR meetings, user manuals, and weekly check-ins, staff need training to be able to standout as key players in your business. They need resources, feedback and input in order to successfully perform in the work place.

Companies need to invest heavily in providing training to present their commitment to the long-term success of their employees and their business, while giving team members a boost in confidence.

Employees alone cannot provide 100% commitment and focus on their job if they do not know how to succeed in their own working environment. By not cultivating their confidence, teams experience burnout, stress, and can become unmotivated to work and take on new responsibilities.

Lastly, keep an open line of communication with the team. It’s not the free food or perks that keep an employee motivated, but an open line of communication and strong connection that keeps legions of loyal employees present for generations.

It’s advisable to plan annual meetings to brainstorm and keep up with everything that is happening with the company. Keeping a ‘close-knit team’ and transparent relationship with team members engages strong communication that creates a strong culture when it comes to loyalty.

Employees are also motivated when they are treated like guests, where companies honor personal time, have an encouraging reward program, and give them autonomy on how they can help the business to grow.

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