Team Building Ice Breakers

Teambuilding events are events organised by companies with different objectives in mind. It maybe that the management wants to encourage greater unity and friendships amongst employees, or that they would like to work on more effective communication and collaboration. Teambuilding events are usually fun days and events that are organised keeping in mind that the larger audience must have an enjoyable day and everyone involved should participate wholeheartedly. In this article we will discuss some Team building Ice Breakers for Meetings and also some general tips for Team building Dubai.

Firstly, don’t feel overwhelmed by the pressure to make conversation with strangers. Be friendly and smile. This will draw people to you and make them feel at ease with you. Start by asking general questions like which department they work in or what made them decide to work for this company. Avoid personal questions such as if the person is single or not or any questions about how much money they make. Always be appropriate.

Team Building Ice Breakers can be very effective in drawing a team closer together, motivating them or simply making them feel comfortable enough to put their idea on the table. One Ice Breaker that brings everyone out of their shell is a talent show. Have each team member tell the group about the various talents they have. Then have them do a short one or two minute long performance of the talent. Before they perform they should introduce themselves and relate the story of how the talent was discovered.

Another suggestion could be a dress up day at the Office. Encourage all the staff members to dress up as their favourite singer or as something starting with the first letter of their name. Another way to do this is to divide the staff members into teams and pick a theme for each team. This works well for companies that are larger or for if there are different departments within the company.

Most of the Ice Breakers we have discussed in the above paragraphs take a certain amount of planning, but what if you need an idea fast? A last minute option that requires no planning at all is a game called “two truths and a lie”. In this game ask the team to each tell two truthful things and one lie about themselves. Have the remaining team members guess which one is the lie. This game is fast and fun and gets people giggling and talking.

Teambuilding Ice Breakers

There are obviously many other Team Building Ice Breakers for Meetings that you can do but the ones outlined in this post are some of the ones that I have found work the best. They all build confidence within the team and encourage unity as the team share their memories. The games above are just far enough out of the comfort zones of employees to make it enjoyable and not too invasive or personal, guaranteed crowd pleasers!

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