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When it comes to staging stand out events, finding the right venue and facilitating registration are among the most important elements to consider.

“Specific tasks and requirements vary depending on the nature of the event but even the most experienced event manager would agree that venue selection and registration management are two of the most challenging tasks that require careful planning at the earliest stages possible,” said Deen Ashraf, CEO, iMagining Director & Executive Coach, brains at work.

The venue sets the ambience which, in turn, can impact the success of the meeting or event.

meetme small insert“Bear in mind that the venue should serve as an effective space to serve the purpose for which your event is staged,” said Ashraf. “A good experience for your guests and attendees is a must for maintaining a positive reputation for your company. Equally important is to ensure the venue is in line with the event and brand communication objectives.”

He continued: “Although cost is a major consideration, choosing an untried or lower-cost venue in an attempt to try and make a saving simply isn’t worth the risk. With or without the need to provide accommodation for the attendees, comfort and convenience should always be guaranteed.”

While the parameters of the perfect venue location differ according to the event, accessibility, an impressive roster of local attractions and amenities and a safe and secure environment. 

“By understanding the needs of delegates, planners can make the event that much more probable of being a runaway success,” said Ashraf. “Enough natural light for conference delegates to remain attentive, adequate space for guest and delegate seating, branding and product displays and accessibility to break-out session rooms are among the most common features needed.”

An onsite inspection to confirm viability is also highly recommended.

“Complete this together with the technical committee and other key working groups, if at all possible,” commented Ashraf. “This will allow planners to fact-check event requirements based on accurate data and, more importantly identify any potential challenges even before they crop up. It is also good to speak personally with the venue management so as to be clear about terms and policies, cancellations and other details.”

Settling on the right registration solution throws up a number of additional questions and it helps to test-drive the system in advance.

registre insert“A software solution worth trying is Registre - a smart, online, automated guest logistic software program developed by brains at work,” said Ashraf. “Its intelligent features include a customised and branded registration form for clients, a highly secure password-enabled access system and an ease of use.”

Fast online registration, easy updating and editing, breakout session booking, easy uploading of documents for visas, assignation of a dedicated registration assistant and the inclusion of auto-confirmation at every stage are just some of the features. www.brains-atwork.com/expertise/registre/

“The bottom line is planners need to choose the right tool so they can experience an efficient and effective relaxed registration process,” concluded Ashraf.

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