Top Apps Every Event Planner Needs (Part 2)

Work for an event management agency, event planner or event coordinator  can  be  quite  nerve-wracking,  especially  if  you  lack  the  tools  required  to find answers to the zillion questions you may be expected to respond to as the conference organizer. Modern day gizmos and technology has today brought so many  new  and wonderful apps that help turn you into a walking talking Wikipedia.

In our last article, I shared a list of powerful apps for successful event planning with you. Today, I complete  that   list  with  new  and  amazing  software  that  are  designed  to  make  event management a breeze for you and geared not only towards making your upcoming events a success, but also giving you enough traction to gain a wider audience for future corporate events.

Here is a list of my favorite apps for event planners, event coordinators and event management:


AroundMe  helps  you  know  where  you  are  on  the  map  –  very  useful  when  you  are  far  from home. Whether you’re on the go and searching for an ATM, gas station, or nearby convenience stores,  you  won’t  get  lost  as  the  app  shows  nearby businesses  and  tells  you  how  far  you  are from them.


GateGuru  provides  the  information  you  need  for  your  entire travel  such  as  real-time  flight status,   airport   rental   cars,   check-in   airport   terminals,   weather,   gate   arrival,   departure information, airport maps, amenities, and check points.

Ness Top Apps Every Event Planner Needs (Part 2) 1

Ness offers hospitality and dining recommendations based on your likings, mood, and location. It guides  you  to  restaurants  nearby  and  provides  directions,  information,  maps,  photos,  and user  reviews.  The  app  enables  you  to  save,  dismiss,  and  rate  restaurants,  and  based  on  your ratings, helps you find new places to visit and love.


Take  a  photo  of  a  document,  note,  receipt,  or  anything  with TurboScan.  The  app  turns  your photos into a quality image in PDF, PNG, or JPG. The app can process a page in seconds and lets you save and name files even without any Internet connection.


Uber helps you get a cab, request a ride, and be picked up to and from your destination. The app works in  56 cities and 21 countries all over the world, and is still expanding. It makes cab pick-ups in any location fast and easy, even if you do not know the exact address details.

Xpense Tracker 

Xpense Tracker helps you keep track of expenses as you are mindful of your budget and surely don’t want to overspend while traveling for a meeting. The app  lets you take pictures of your receipts,  indicate  their  categories  such  as  payment  type,  client,  and  date,  and  then  tag  the receipts with location for easy tracking. 

Now that you’ve got this list of useful apps to help you with your event planning, keep growing your list and share them with us.


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