Top Apps Every Event Planner Needs (Part 1)

In this era of mobile computing, most of us are  hooked on apps. And why not? Apps provide useful and convenient features to help speed up many things, including event planning for upcoming events. Over 80  percent  of  meeting  professionals  are  using  mobile  devices  so  they  know  what  to  do  with apps.  An event  planner or an event management agency can  choose  from  a  plethora  of  amazing  apps  to  deal  with  daily challenges during on-site events to stay organized and productive.

Many attendees of corporate events are fast losing interest in printed information and bulky paperwork  –  they  now  prefer  digital  tools  and  paperless  forms.  While Twitter,  Facebook, Google+, Skype, and Instagram have gained many users worldwide, there are still a lot of apps that can help event planners in Dubai and around the world organize meetings and conferences. We’ve created a list of apps that we’re pretty sure you’d like.

Check  out  these  popular  apps  that are fast  gaining  traction  as  choice  tools  for  meetings and conferences:

2Screens Presentation Expert

2Screens Presentation Expert  is  an  app  designed  to  help  conference  presenters  deliver  their message  in  style.  The app comes with  whiteboard  and  web  browsing  facilities.  You can also make notations on your file, save it, and email to others.


Project management app Asana helps you and colleagues follow the progress of your event. Its capability to group tasks and conversations together lets you stay in the loop. The app can be integrated with cloud-based storage.


Many people in the industry have started to use Dropbox, which allows users to save files in the cloud and provides easy access to multiple users. Free storage is up to 2.5 GB and expandable with Dropbox for Business, which also offers more support and security options.

Apps Event Planner Needs (part 1)

Auto Stitch 

Auto Stitch is good for event planning as it can merge pictures and have them overlap on your iPhone.  While it  is  very  useful  when  you  want  to  check  the  venue  space, the  view  seems  to  be wider  than  what  your  device  camera  can  capture.  Merging and  overlapping images  can create a wide-angle camera effect.


Collect business cards and add them to your phone book automatically by taking a snapshot of them with Cardmunch. The app provides a facility that makes sure all information is correct. It can read most business card formats. enables you to record, track, and share meeting minutes. It has templates that help you capture attendees’ details, discussions, and action items from conversations. The notes are then saved online and can  be accessed anytime. As the event coordinator, you can email them to other participants with a URL.


As a follow up to this,  we’ll  continue  with  other  useful  apps  that  you  can  use  for  your  conferences, meetings,  and  other  corporate  events.  Are you  using  your  own  set  of  apps  for  your events? Perhaps you’d like to share them in our comments section.

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