Corporate Events in Dubai Go Smart

Corporate events are an enormous boon to any industry and are an ideal opportunity for allowing those in your industry to mingle and exchange ideas and best practices. As many conference experts in Dubai will say, bringing people together for a relaxed but productive meeting mixed with a dash of social interaction, has been found to be one of the most effective ways of helping your audience world-wide, come together. 

The main challenge with international corporate events is getting people to sign up for them in time, and to allow those from great distances – even intercontinental audiences - to participate. With an increasing number of companies having global footprints, organising mass conferences for either employees or a wider audience, can become a headache to organise and run.  However, as seen at many conference venues in Dubai and around the worl, the power of electronic communications is rising to the challenge  and  an  increasing  number  of  businesses  are  finding  that  having  a  corporate  event  doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have your people physically in the building. Hold your event, just consider other options:


  • Use real-time video streaming. Taking the pressure off people having to actually be there.  Save thousands in airfares and have people join over a closed network. Video streaming works both ways now, making it fully interactive.


  • Record it!  Just because people can’t attend, it doesn’t mean that they can’t view the proceedings.  Record the whole conference – including any side events – and put it up on your website for people to log in and view.  Put it on the cloud and make it public. But it doesn’t end there, and you can use technology to make it a better event for those who do attend too!  Using a little thought and some easy to obtain soft ware, you can make the whole event more interactive


  • Issue Radio Frequency ID.  If you have a multi-strand conference featuring many different speakers, understand where those who do turn up prefer to be, and track their participation via simple RFID badges. Plan for future conferences by understanding what is going on right now.


  • Corporate Events in Dubai Go SmartTailor  your  participant’s  event.  Make it personal; people attend conferences for many different reasons.  Use social media and pre-conference questionnaires to figure out what your audience are hoping to catch and create personalised conference experiences for them.   Conferences of old were staid and unimaginative; technology has given us the tools to not only make them exciting but with the ability to become a different experience for all participants, and that can only be a good thing.


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