Planning Team Building

So you’ve decided to get your team together on a day of bonding and learning how to work together, but before you engage one of the many Team Building companies in the UAE, you might want to start thinking about your teams and what you want to get out of the training. If you structure your teams and training, and think about your expectations, you are likely to get much more out of it.

While your company might be running well, it is the nature of teams to become familiar with how fellow worker operate and enter a phase of complacency. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t delivering to your customers, but it also doesn’t mean that your company is working at its best. Team building is all about making your company perform at its best, but getting the most from the training means planning well before hand.  Here, we look at some of the best ways of UAE team building experts helping you get it right from the start.

Planning Team Building

  • Team size This will obviously depend upon the size of your company and there is no minimum size, providing you have at least two people. The main concern is the maximum size as the bigger the team, the harder it becomes to marshal them and get things organised.  Generally, teams of between five and eight people work best, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have multiple teams of that size, if you are running a larger company.  Tests have shown that these mid-sized teams are the best for organising themselves – usually one part of the team building experience – and operate the most efficiently.
  • Team composition Team building can be carried out for a number of reasons and it may be a simple as just helping your people to work together appropriately, but many companies chose to do it before the start of a new project as a means of focusing those working on it together. If that is your main drive, you will need to ensure that the teams you pick represent all of the people who will be expected to work together, and if you have a project manager, they might be a good choice to lead the team since they will be doing it on the real project. Using a team building exercise as a precursor to starting the real project will highlight any areas of the team that need bolstering, so you need to ensure that the team you choose represent real life.
  • Selecting team members There are a number of criteria that you need to consider when building a team for a new project and in meshing them together on a team building exercise, and before you even start, you need to ensure that you have the best and brightest working together. That means that they fulfil at least some of the following criteria;
    • They are proactive.
    • They enjoy working as a team.
    • They are creative, open-minded and flexible
    • They have the right frame of mind.
    • They are optimistic.

If you can start with people with those abilities and properties, then your team building will be much easier and will achieve more than you first thought it would.

By planning your team building in the right way, and engaging the right people, team building companies in the UAE will be able to offer you a vast array of different and very interesting projects to run.

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