Team Building – What’s in it for you?

Being told by your manager that you are going on a team building exercise can be a daunting message for many people.  It might be putting them in a position in which they don’t feel comfortable and they  may believe will open them to scrutiny from others, but by embracing the training, they will find that they not only make new friends, but also liberate skills they never knew they had.

Team building is all about integration, leadership and how to work best in a team.  It is recognised that not everyone is a leader but that doesn’t mean that people can’t fit into teams or have a role.  But team building is much more important than that and team building ideas will identify many of the following edicts;

Whats in it for you (1)

Improving communications within the team.  Making your team work more effectively by allowing them to communicate needs and feed information back up to the leadership.  Communications must work both ways in your team, with those carrying out tasks feeding back to management just as much as project managers instruct on the necessary tasks.  Empowering people in communications will ensure that this happens.

Motivating.  People are more likely to perform effectively if they are properly motivated and having the right set of mental tools to do their job will help get them in the right mind-set.  Motivated teams are more likely to likely to react positively to issues that arise and while they may hinder non-motivated teams, those that work well together enjoy the challenge.

Allowing self-regulation.  Teams that are in control of themselves are able to regulate their needs and outcomes.  Team building exercises can help with showing team how they can regulate and work more effectively.

Aligning thoughts.  If a team work effectively together, then they will understand the common goals and will know what they are supposed to be aiming for in terms of deliverables at each stage of the project.

Learning and growth.  Good team building activities teach people things about themselves that they had not considered and helps them mature, which is in turn, good for the team.  People learn from each other and if the team meshes well, people will pick up new and positive traits as they go along.

Utilizing strengths.  When people know each other they tend to make the most of each other’s strengths which produces a team capable of handling whatever is thrown at it.  That means that changes to the project can be handles efficiently and with minimum disruption.

Improved productivity.  Projects become less wasteful and timescales shortened when a team can work together properly.   This becomes contagious within the team and once they have a reputation for delivering, they begin to mesh together to an even greater extent, making projects fast and effective but with added flexibility.

Team building activities mould your team the way you want them, and by seeking credible and fun team building activities in Dubai, you can be assured of driving your team the right way and making them the best at what they do.

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