Team Building – How to Deal With Conflict

When you put a load of people – who may not have met before and have no idea of the personalities involved - together in a group with the view to them having to work as a team, you are always going to get some conflict.  In many cases, the interactions can be sorted out and soothed over very quickly, but others may take a bit more management to overcome and these will be covered in team building seminars.

But whatever you need to do to resolve conflict, it is always an opportunity within the team building to demonstrate how best to deal with an issue that is likely to raise its head as even the best team work together, and there are a number of strategies that work well within a team building environment, and can be carried on into the proper working area too.  The message is that you shouldn’t simply damp down conflict, but take advantage of it as a learning exercise.

Insert PicAll teams will have the occasional misunderstandings and there is simply nothing that you can do about it.  Whether it is regarding timescales, deliverables, workflow, or just a clash of personalities, there will be conflict and this might rise to the surface very quickly in team building presentations and actions.  It is important not to become judgemental and force a decision on a team, but rather use the situation as part of the team building icebreaker ideas and build up new learning from there.    If conflict has arisen, brainstorm the solution and you may find that it opens up new avenues of thought within the teams.  Ask the teams to come up with solutions that fits everyone and the conflict becomes an important part of the hole exercise.  Clashes of personality may occur for many reasons, including;

  • “My way is the right way” mind-set.  People tend to think that because something seems to b the natural way, it is the right way, but that doesn’t take account of the myriad other factors involved and by demonstrating other ways of doing it, you can instruct people that what they thought was the best way, might actually not be.
  • Misreading motives and using self as a reference. Many people misconstrue what is happening in a team by reflecting it back onto their own views and standards, and asking themselves what they would do in the same situation.  Of course that is completely erroneous as people rarely do what they believe they would when thrust into a situation.
  • Becoming judgemental instead of understanding differences.  It is quite normal for people in teams to retreat to what they know when presented with something new.  Deep down we all fear change and when first approached with a new and different method of doing something our natural reaction is to reject it. Team building seminars can be used to introduce these new ideas in the best way and with the minimum of conflict.

By actually embracing change, you can help your team come to terms with it and be a lot more open about their dealings with at the team at the same time

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