Team building: Breaking the Ice

Team building is a device that can make a team work efficiently and as a proper team, but it is the most effective if the team are brought together early and learn to work together so that it becomes the natural thing to do. But if you are getting a team together for the first time and they are not used to working with each other, to throw them together in a team building exercise you may be heading for a fall. Corporate team building activities in Dubai, are increasingly using ice-breaking activities to introduce teams in the first instance and way before any team building takes place.

So what are ice-breakers and how do they differ from normal team building?  Ice breakers are short, intensive exercises that help people bond quickly and pave the way for longer, more intense problems and exercises to come under the team building banner. Ice breakers can be simple or more complex but are always fast moving so as to get people thinking on their feet and help them integrate with other team members. Ice breakers are designed to help people relax by getting people – who may not know each other - to impart knowledge to the group, thereby helping the whole team to understand each other. Ice breakers are common amongst Dubai team building organisations, and may include some of the following.

Breaking the IceI have never game - Each person in the group is given some candy – candy is always good to use in these kinds of exercise – and the group stand in a circle.  One person starts and tells the rest something that they haven’t done, starting the sentence with “I have never…..”  Anyone else in the circle who has done that thing, sticks their hand up and receives a piece of candy from each other player. The question then moves on to the next person who imparts something they haven’t done, and so on, with people dropping out if they run out of candy.  This is a good way to learn more about your team members.

Word Chain - Gather the team in a circle and select topics – food, sports careers, countries are all good ones. With the topic chosen, the teacher picks a word from that category, such as Apple for the food category and ask the person on your right to name another fruit beginning with the last letter of the one you picked – in this case, the letter ‘e’. In this manner, the whole team get asked to pick a fruit beginning with the last letter of whatever fruit the person before them chose. This is a great way to get to know how people think.

Snowballs - Give each team member a piece of blank A4 paper and ask them to write their name and an interesting fact or two about themselves.  Then ask them to scrunch up the paper into a ball and give the team two minutes to throw them at each other, like snowballs. After two minutes.  Get each member to grab a ball, smooth it out and then go round the group getting them to find the person whose name they have and introduce them to the group, along with the facts about them.

Ice breakers are a fun and constructive way for corporate team building activates in Dubai to kick off, getting everyone relaxed and ready for the real tasks ahead.

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