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The rules of golf are almost as complex an indecipherable as those of cricket, and cover distinct sections of the game such as where play of a hole commences; what to do when your ball is in a water hazard, lost or out of bounds; interference from immovable obstructions such as cart paths; and playing a provisional ball, and covering them all in one article would be disingenuous to them. Golf Event Planners in Dubai need to have a stout understanding of all the rules – even these -when planning a golf event because it can be daunting if one of the group you are planning for does know them.

Golf Rules - BunkerThe main ones are obvious, but some of the more quirky can catch you out if playing against a real tickler for the rulebook. Did you know for instance, that if you have to uncover your ball when covered with sand in a bunker, you must recover it again allowing only the smallest portion to show before you play it? To not do so would be in contradiction to rule 12-1b! 

On early-morning rounds, once you have left the tee, you are no longer permitted to wipe dew of your ball to prevent falling foul of rule 13-2. Sliced your ball into moving water?

Tee 2The golf rulebook is as thick as it is international, covering all kinds of eventualities, and if you were wondering, if your shot comes to rest next to a cactus or other suitably prickly plant, you may wrap an arm or leg in a towel to protect yourself from the needles and spikes when you play your shot. You cannot, however, cover the cactus with a towel as that would be breaking rule 1-2/10.You are obliged to play it as quickly as possible under rule 14-6 to prevent the water flow moving it into an advantageous position. And if you want to find out how level the green is, don’t go placing a water bottle on it to check the tilt, you will be in violation of rule 14-3 as it is seen as giving an unfair advantage.

Golf experiences in Dubai can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience, but if planning to attend an event, or even just go for a few rounds of casual golf with friends or business partners, you would be well advised to check through the extensive rulebook that accompanies the sport least your partner is a stickler for the rules and happens knows them all!

If you would like to join the world of golf and don’t know how, do not panic - help is at hand.

Golf Rules - Driving Range

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