Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix Will Thrill at the Season End

On 23rd November, the 19th Grand Prix of the current season hits Abu Dhabi amidst a little controversy and concern.  This year, the governing body - otherwise known as Bernie Ecclestone - has announced that there will be double points to be had throughout, which could make a huge difference to both the drivers and the constructor’s championships.  With Lewis Hamilton currently on 241 points and teammate Nico Rosburg not far behind him on 238, there is still much to play for in the drivers’ championship; the constructor’s championship is a bit more cut and dried with Mercedes McLaren riding high on 479 – a whole mile away from their nearest rival, Red Bull.  The new, double point rule for the one race will see Hamilton desperate to increase his lead over his team mate and similarly, Rosburg trying everything to close the gap and leap-frog Hamilton at the final showdown.

Abu Dhabi Grand PrixThese kinds of tactics are indicative of the current world of F1 where many gimmicks are put in place to try and boost interest in a sport which already has plenty of money being thrown at it.  There is a general feeling that this detracts from the good old sport of actually racing and it is a far different beast now than when it first became popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. Back in the good old days, men would race their cars in the simplest of contests – you drove as hard as you could until the first person crossed the finish line.  Nowadays it’s much more about tactics and the racing has lost something of its recklessness because of that.  A race may be won or lost based simply on the tyre choice a team might make rather than who is the best, and arguably, the fiercest driver.

Bernie Ecclestone seems to want to continually tinker with the format of the Formula 1 circus and while he claims it is to make the spectacle more enjoyable for the audience, it appears that it is more of a case that he just can’t leave it alone.  Sure, there are no longer driver fatalities which is a positive aspect, but the removal of refuelling stops made no difference to that or any other safety issue what so ever, but it was deemed necessary to make the sport more strategic for the teams.  That factor, together with the need to conserve their engines for several races, has led to driver’s tip-toeing around circuits rather than blasting round with abandon!

To the spectator, however, none of this matters, as once you step into the magnificent circuit that has been built around Abu Dhabi’s glorious Yas Marina, all that you will feel will is the rush and the power that comes along with the reverberating noise echoing through the circuit.

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