Bullying: Don’t Think Your Kids Are Invulnerable

Bullying: Don’t Think Your Kids Are Invulnerable

Sending your kids to school and having them far from you is just the start of opening the world for them. Yet, the world has its own weakness, and bullying is one of the early tastes of life’s unfairness. You may be confident, but, your child is not invulnerable to bullying and its harmful effects. As a parent, you have to be aware of bullying and how your child can become a victim.

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According to Kids Health Organization website, 25 percent of public schools report bullying occurs daily or weekly; and 1 out of 5 students in high school have reported being a victim.

It is unfortunate that bullying is a big problem in communities and schools. Worse is, it happens in secret so parents don’t know their child is already a victim. However, there are bully prevention skills you can use to train your children, raise their self-confidence, and develop favorable peer relationships.

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Teach your young ones these skills to ensure they are safe and are able to take charge of themselves all the time: 

  1. Confidence 

Let your child have the aura of confidence, respect, calmness, and awareness in him. Bullies do not like to pick on positive kids, especially those who can hold their heads up, look confident, walk briskly, have a peaceful aura, and know how to move away from any trouble. 

  1. Discussions 

Discuss harassment with your kids and let them learn from other people’s experiences. If one of the kids talks about already experiencing it, praise him for having the guts to open up about it and provide support without any conditions. Check with the school and learn about their policies. Ask the teachers and staff on how to solve the situation. 

  1. Friends 

Having friends and being around them will discourage the bully from making your kid a target. Bullies usually pick on children who are loners. Two or more friends staying together in school or at their lockers are less likely to be bullied. Encourage your child to have friends and apply the buddy system when in school, the school bus, the bathroom, and everywhere else. 

  1. Keep Calm 

Teach your child to stay calm when being harassed as it is the best way to defend himself or herself. Remind them to ignore the hurtful remarks, tell the bully to stop, and walk away. Bullies love to hurt others. If your child does not show he is affected, chances are, the bully will not pick on him or her. 

  1. Neutralize the Situation 

Free your child from things that may attract the school bully to target him or her, such as gadgets and lunch money. Encourage your child not to carry gadgets to school and to pack a lunch. 

  1. Don’t Fight 

As a parent, it is better not to fight the battle. To ensure it doesn’t hurt your child’s self-esteem, it is preferable that your child is able to resolve the issue at his or her own level. However, keep a watchful eye and if the need arises escalate the issue with the school authorities. While, it might help talking to the bully’s parents, it is better to settle the problem with the school officials mediating.

Bullying has made global headlines, and many people, communities, and schools are already trying to take a stand against it. As a parent, you can work out strategies such as the above to prevent your child becoming a target of bullying.

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