Ranbir Kapoor Dispels Katrina’s Insecurity Rumors

Only recently we read about Ranbir Kapoor saying that Katrina Kaif was just an old friend and denying that they were getting married soon. A source close to Katrina and Ranbir was quoted stating, “Katrina will wait until Ranbir is ready to tie the knot. The day he tells her he wants to get married, she will. Things are fine between them. Every relationship has its share of ups and downs.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Katrina’s latest statement that Ranbir “is a huge part of (her) life.” and then going on to proclaim in a very candid interview with the Times Of India that, ” … to connect with a person at such a deep level, our souls must be connected “. This perhaps is the closest that the very cloak and dagger couple have come to declaring that they are together.

Katrina’s former boyfriend, Salman Khan, has also been quoted saying, “She used to be a friend, but today she is somebody else’s friend. I respect that and I stay away………”.

There was indeed some truth to those rumors. Because according to the Times of India, Bollywood is getting ready for 2015’s big event – the much awaited wedding of the industry’s most eligible bachelor Ranbir Kapoor and British-Indian actress Katrina Kaif.  As each family is assumed to be involved in the preparation, it would probably be a lavish celebration. But, whether it would be a traditional or trendy themed wedding is anybody’s guess.

According to a tabloid, a friend close the couple revealed that Ranbir invited Katrina to dinner to meet his grandmother, Mrs. Krishna Kapoor. The friend noted that Ranbir tremendously values his grandmother’s opinion.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir may not be open about his personal life with the media and public, but his first cousin Kareena Kapoor Khan was not shy of dropping very categorical hints. Kareena has been very open about her excitement for the upcoming wedding. On a television talk show by renowned movie maker Karan Johar, she said that she is already ready with her outfit (lehenga) for this most awaited event in the family. Kareena added that she is also practicing her moves to  songs like “Sheila Ki Jawaani” and “Chikni Chameli”, which are famous dance numbers filmed on ravishing Katrina, in her movies. This definitely makes the Ranbir – Katrina matrimonial tie up one of the most awaited weddings of the year !

Ranbir may be marrying Katrina soon, but it doesn’t mean he is willing to be bossed around by his soon-to-be wife. Apparently, rumor has it that Katrina wanted to visit him on the sets of Tamasha when it starts filming. According to the same rumors, Katrina is also insecure of Ranbir’s co-star Deepika Padukone, who is his former girlfriend. Phew! Bollywood can sometimes seem like the storyline of a fancy TV soap-opera like the “Bold and the Beautiful” .

Ranbir, however, ended the rumors as quoted in a statement by Bollywoodlife.com, "I am starting the next schedule of JaggaJasoos, after that the next schedule of Tamasha will happen only in January 2015. Hence there is no truth to the story that Katrina is joining me on the shoot of that film."

Katrina should not be threatened with Deepika’s history with Ranbir. Reports state that during the Tamasha shooting, Dippy has requested to stay in another hotel. The move is primarily to dispel any romantic controversies between herself and Ranbir.