Comedian and Host Joan Rivers Comes To Rest

Hollywood’s Unfunny Moment – Relentless Comedian and Host Joan Rivers Comes To Rest

Popularity and fortune seemed not even enough for Joan Rivers to slow down in whatever she did. The stand-up comedian – who always thought of herself being put on Earth to make people laugh and was undoubtedly hardworking – wondered what she would do when asked if she wished to retire during her 80th birthday. On Thursday, September 5, 2014, she came to peacefully rest, a week after a cardiac arrest. She was 81.

Relentless, witty, and hilarious, Rivers could not stop herself from cracking jokes – “Otherwise, the lights would go out and the well dries up,” she said. She was one of the most hardworking female comedians out there, driven by an adage, “There is no gig too small or far away.”

She co-hosted E! TV’s ‘Fashion Police’ – where she would talk about what celebrities wore at events like the Oscars, the Emmy’s, and the MTV Video Music Awards. On August 28, she had a cardiac arrest, was rushed to a New York City hospital, where she arrived unconscious and was placed on life support 5 days later.

Joan Molinsky, more popularly known as Joan Rivers in show business, began an acting career opposite Barbra Streisand in a play; before that, she wrote jokes for ‘Candid Camera.’ She debuted as a stand-up comic in ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ and ‘Tonight Show’ with Johnny Carson in 1965.

She once confessed she did not want to be a comedian, as when she started, pretty girls would not go into comedy; if they walked into a nightclub, they would be singers. “Comedy was just for older white men,” Rivers said in 2012.

Ms. Rivers was then a permanent guest host on ‘Tonight Show’ in 1983 and Carson became her mentor. However, she left him to host a rival show on Fox, ‘The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers.’ Thus began her non-speaking terms with Carson.

Her show only lasted a year and mired her into personal tragedy when Edgar Rosenberg, her only daughter’s father, committed suicide. The comedian later admitted she had also contemplated ending her life amidst lost Vegas contracts, bad publicity, being fired from Fox, and other family problems.

She put her ‘pointless’ life at gunpoint, but, thanks to her dog who jumped into her lap and sat on the gun, she was saved and since then could lecture and talk about suicide and life’s dark moments. “I tell people this is a horrible, awful dark moment, but it will change and you must know it’s going to change and you push forward. I look back and think, life is great, life goes on. It changes,’” said Joan.

When performing, Ms. Rivers targeted her own insecurities with a laugh – her looks, sex appeal, marriage, her obsession with plastic surgery, and even her husband’s suicide. During her 80th birthday, she said she was celebrating her 80th face.

Even in death her life and her love for making the world laugh was celebrated, with the Fashion Police doing a special show with her daughter Melissa Rivers and ending with the announcement – that the show would go on.

Melissa Rivers said that she was humbled by the outpouring of support, love, and prayers from around the world. She said, although it was tough, Joan Rivers’ greatest joy in life was for all to be happy and so she wished the world would soon return to laughing again.

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