Employee Engagement the Right Way?

Are Companies Encouraging Employee Engagement the Right Way?

Most companies consider employee engagement a very vital aspect of management. Forbes states that, during a survey, 78% of responders put emphasis on retaining employees and getting them to engage themselves with their work. However, most efforts are not always considered successful as, in a separate survey, Gallup states that only 13% of the global workforce are actually engaged in or are enjoying their work.

On the other hand, AON Hewitt released the following findings in its 2014 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report:

  • Employee engagement in the Asia-Pacific region is at 61%, up 3 points from 2013’s 58%.
  • Employee engagement in the Middle East also went up to 61%. This is an 8-point change from 2013.
  • Europe did not experience a change in employee engagement rates and remains at 57%.
  • North America is at 65%, a growth of 2 points since 2013.
  • Latin America remains the highest at 70%, but this is lower by 4 points from its 2013 statistics.

Employee EngagementThe Key to Having a Highly Engaged Workforce

So where did these companies go wrong? Are there ‘correct’ ways to foster engagement? The answer is – there is no employee development in the traditional training schemes employed by many firms worldwide. Corporate training should be designed to encourage employees to work hard in familiarizing themselves with the process and, at the same, pushing them to develop their own individual aptitudes and skills. The goal is to train employees to be flexible, and able to work with minimal supervision.

The idea is to use the concept of experiential learning for the training and development of your employees. Here are two ideas that you should use in your next business coaching sessions or team building:

1.  Don’t spoonfeed.

Encourage employees to figure things out on their own. Most managers don’t like to waste time on self-learning, while it is actually very relevant to achievement of objectives. The office needs employees who are capable of thinking on their feet so that they can quickly find solutions when a situation arises. If you’re engaged in a marketing company, for example, what you’ll get for spoonfeeding employees is a workforce that is ill-fitted to dealing with a highly volatile market environment. 

2. Don’t make training sessions too formal.

The office is already stressful, as it is, for both managers and employees. Engendering a partly informal environment with corporate engagement workshops during a serious Business Strategizing meeting, will help get the employees quickly into the mood. When employees are in the right mindset and mood, they will be receptive and will be able to process information quickly. Of course, they will also be able to exercise their own judgments as the shroud of formality is lifted.

By ensuring that employees are sufficiently well-cared for and, challenged enough, they will be able to use their innate skills and capabilities, and you will build for yourself a highly engaged and productive workforce.

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