‘King of Cool’ Pharrell Williams Joins New York Fashion Week

Eco-friendly ‘King of Cool’ Pharrell Williams Joins New York Fashion Week

Seven-times Grammy winner and music entrepreneur Pharrell Williams launched his very own ‘G-Star Raw’ for ‘Oceans’ collection. He wants his line of clothing to be known globally more as a part of the ‘Help the Planet’ campaign.

The ‘Happy’ artist says he has launched his own collection for two reasons: first, Planet Earth needs help and it is sick. People are its bloodline, but, there are blockages going on all over. Second, he is generously blessed and he can give back to Mother Earth; and that’s the least he can do.

Pharrell is a philanthropist who is best known as a musician; but, he does have fashion credentials too. He founded Billionaire Boys Club streetwear brand and Icecream. However, many know him as the epitome of cool, topping music charts and best dressed lists in global magazines.

Pharell WilliamsWhen talking about his style, Pharrell admits he doesn’t even know how to tie a tie, a big flaw to his prince of fashion bid. ‘G-Star Raw’ – the first ‘Ocean’ collection that Pharrell created in collaboration with the Dutch denim firm – has gone on sale in stores. A second summer 2015 collection was also launched as part of the New York Fashion week. It again uses the artist’s Bionic Yarn textile company, which produces fiber from sea-retrieved discarded plastics.

Pharrell’s problem with neckties might be small, but his jewelry-adorned pink Céline coat canopying his funky shirt, in total, looks like the gilt chains and faux pearls from Chanel. What made the look work were the jade and gold as well as freshwater pearls by Bukharian-American jeweler Jacob Arabo. Pharrell created the new fragrance GIRL with Comme des Garcons Parfums, which is for all genders. Any work with Comme des Garcons is just bound for originality.

Pharrell admits he always had interest in fashion. It still shows even with his huge success in producing, rapping, and singing. He acknowledges receiving big opportunities by great people and great companies. He wants to creatively learn further from what the world already has and find fresh ways to express himself.

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