Keeping the Speed up with FMCG

Keeping the Speed Up With FMCG.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods – FMCG’s – are a brand of goods that are sold quickly and typically at lower cost. They are characterized, as short shelf-life products that have a high turn-over, and have always been associated with products such as fresh foods and dairy, rather than electronics and non-organic items. However, the advent of cheap electronics has started to change the way we as consumers view these products.

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In the early days of FMCG, shops and supermarkets had a limited inventory of products that they could accumulate, as much of their stock had to be sourced fairly locally.  The transport infrastructure didn’t exist to import goods quickly from exotic locations, and if it couldn’t be driven to you within 24 hours, then it probably wasn’t worth stocking, as it would spoil very quickly after that.  But the international movement of goods, became easier with cheaper air travel and with transport companies, specialising in mass movement, food produce sprang up to supply a market that demanded strawberry’s all year round, rather than just when they were in season in a particular country.  Our thirst for more and exotic foods, drove food companies to seek solutions and thereby give customers what they wanted.  Customers responded by enjoying produce that to an earlier generation would have seemed impossible to buy. 

We are now used to stepping into a supermarket and being able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world because the FMCG system works.  Technology is also changing our perception of what we can have , and the electronics market is also being seen as sub-set of the overall FMCG trade, not because they spoil, but because they are available, and people, not used to waiting, want them now!   Leading this charge in cheap electronic consumables are the smaller goods such as mobile phones and MP3 players.  The top end devices in these fields may still be relatively expensive, but lower down handsets can be obtained new for only a few dollars. Also, with the new Pay As You Go option where credit on a handset doesn’t deplete if the phone isn’t used, it is worth your while having several handsets around – in the car, in the home, in the bedroom – in case of emergency.  FMCG has evolved, and will evolve further as our lifestyles continue to alter with the changing times.

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Tala Ahmed Khan