Our raison d'être - to make your success a personal moment that will stay with you forever.
brains at work specialises in experiential marketing & events; hotels, meetings & conferences (MICE); teambuilding & corporate engagement

About Us

Our Belief

Success is never easy; it requires commitment and skill. Achieving success alone is harder. brains at work has the expertise to ensure you succeed.

At brains at work, we believe that genuine passion coupled with expertise can re-kindle a brand’s realm. We align with your brand values, vision and mission. Our purpose is to fulfill and achieve your objectives. We flourish on collaborating with business leaders, getting into the skin of your goals, and helping you emerge as true leaders with colleagues, consumers and business partners.

The essence of originality, creativity, adventure, engagement, and fine attention to detail is the footprint of our projects.


Our Expertise 

brains at work has decades of experience & success in our fields of expertise that lie across a range of professional arenas that include experiential marketing & event management; hotels, meetings & conferences (MICE);  teambuilding & corporate engagement. Whichever industry you work in, brains at work works for you. Our strategic alliances with a credible network of industry partners, transcends international boundaries, strengthening our capabilities to offer integrated solutions & services globally. 

With multi-disciplinary strengths and services, we are dedicated to conceptualizing, creating, designing & delivering fabulous creative & innovative concepts & solutions.